Chassis Straightening

After an accident, your vehicle’s chassis, the frame that holds it together, could be deformed to such a degree that it affects the way your vehicle behaves on the road, from reduced traction to compromised power delivery. In the worst cases it renders your vehicle utterly undriveable.

Here at Novak Motor Body repairs, we have all the tools required to accurately measure your chassis and compare it to your vehicle’s original factory specifications, and then bring it back into its correct shape, guaranteeing that your vehicle is the right shape when we return it to you.

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Smash Repairs

No matter how careful you are, as long as there are other drivers, you’ll eventually end up with a few dents and dings. Whether it’s small dents from careless parking spot neighbours and stray shopping trolleys or a serious smash from an accident, Novak Motor Body Repairs can help.

Our workshop is fully equipped to conduct all manner of panel repairs, from removing minor dents and scratches to total replacement of wrecked metal, as well as rust removal. Our experienced panel beaters have the skills and tools to conduct welding with a range of different metal compositions, as well as plastics for moulding and body damage, as well as certain interior work.

For minor dings that don’t scratch the paintwork, our panel beaters are experienced enough to offer paintless dent repair. They carefully reform and massage the metal, removing the dent while keeping the original paintwork intact. This is actually faster than regular dent repair as no cleaning, sanding, filling, or painting is required.

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Spray Painting


Whether you’re after a brand new colour, or just need some refinishing work done to freshen up your vehicle, Novak Motor Body Repairs has you covered.

Once we’ve performed our highly accurate colour matching procedure, we mix up a new batch of our environmentally friendly water-based Glasurit paint and take the panels into our hermetic paint room. Once the paint has been applied by our expert painters, we bake it under our heat lamps, causing the paint to dry quicker, which creates an even, rich final coat.

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Here at Novak Motor Body Repairs we are happy to help with restoration work, whether it’s a muscle car, an old classic, a prestige vehicle, or just a sentimental favourite. We apply all our smash repair techniques to make sure that your vehicle comes out of the shop looking brand new.

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Other Services

We provide a wide range of other services at Novak Motor Body Repairs, including, but not limited to:

  • Detailing and cleaning
  • Mag wheel refurbishing
  • Cut and polish services
  • Loan car available for booking
  • Local pick ups and drop offs on booking
  • Non-Insurance repairs

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